To fall in love with someone can oh such a lovely thing
but also a very damaging thing that could happen to a person
you wanna know why?

I hate getting attached to people
because no matter how many times they promise they won't leave they always do
and that's exactly what you did
i got attached to you
i got used to us texting everyday
you complimenting me
but then months later that all stopped...
we stopped talking
you didn't even make a effort to try and see how i was doing
you didn't call or text
at that point i didn't know what was happening to me
it was like this big bolder on my shoulders
that i couldn't get off
i didn't know what i did to deserve this
but it was like this horrible empty feeling
like a pit in my stomach
i knew i was in love with you
but i never knew why i was..
when all you did was lead me on
and then left
thanks to you i overthink everything
i hate myself for becoming so attached to you
i don't know why i even started liking you in the first place
you promised we were forever
but you lied
a promise broken
that you can't fix
i stay up all night wondering what i did wrong for you to just not decide i'm not what you want anymore
our conversations constantly on repeat in my head
im broken because of you
and you didn't even know you were doing anything
because nothing you ever do is wrong
so is this what you want to do? try and forget me? pretend you didn't even like me either because we both know you did,go ahead and pretend
i guess i'm just not for you anymore....
i just wish we could have been something more....