Hi hearters!

First time ever writing an article but this tag caught my attention, mainly cause I wanted to know if I had an answer to all of the letters

Here it goes



twenties, life, and quotes image

Best movie

10 things I hate about you

love, heath ledger, and 10 things i hate about you image Mature image heath ledger, 10 things i hate about you, and boy image quotes, 10 things i hate about you, and movie image

Color of my eyes

Green ish

aqua, beauty, and blue image
Not mine but pretty close

Drink I had last


drink, lemonade, and water image chanel, water, and luxury image

Everyday starts with

My alarms, yes plural.

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Favorite song

This changes from time to time, but right now it´s No Goodbyes by Dua Lipa

dua lipa image dua lipa image dua lipa image Image removed

Grossest memory

Okay so I was very drunk in this bar and well I puked next to the sofa I was sitting on, then puked on the floor while running to the bathroom, then while I was IN the bathroom my friends forgot to close the door so everyone watched me :) such fun.
First and last time I went to that bar

skull, nails, and black image party, shot, and alcohol image alcohol, car, and party image drink, wine, and black image
and dont worry, you can legally drink since 18 in my country



autumn, photo, and short image fashion, outfit, and style image

I'm in love with

Food, books, rainy days,teas, sunsets..., the list could go on and on

bath, legs, and foam image books, flowers, and old image beach, waves, and beauty image light, dance, and ballet image


People who travel anywhere anytime

Image by White.😈 Diamond follow, like, and heart image

Killed someone

Not even emotionally

be mine, single, and heart image

Last time I cried

Oooof, huge crier here, maybe like yesterday...but also I ALWAYS cry when I laugh

blue, sad, and truth image

Middle name


Number of siblings

2, I'm the middle one

One wish

Perfect skin

zendaya and hair image face mask, girl, and beauty image

Person you last called/texted

Called: Best friend
Texted: In a group chat actually

vintage, girl, and grunge image headphones, iphone, and phone image

Questions you're always asking


Reasons to smile

Friends, family, music, tea, rain, sunsets, baths, wine, poems, chocolate...

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Song you last sang

Missing you by All Time Low

all time low, future hearts, and Lyrics image grunge, Lyrics, and all time low image alex gaskarth and scissors image alex gaskarth, jack barakat, and pop punk image

Time you woke up

10 am

sleep, bed, and white image breakfast, food, and morning image

Underwear color


Calvin Klein, underwear, and grey image girl, style, and friends image

Vacation places

Fave spots (so far): New York, Italy, Germany and the Galapagos Islands

city, new york, and light image travel, city, and style image koblenz, rhein, and mosel image amazing, beautiful, and beach image

Worst habit


funny, comic, and c.cassandra image

X-rays you've had

None, I somehow managed to not have any major injury through out my entire life

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Your favorite food

Pizza and tacos are my main choices

pizza, food, and heart image food, tacos, and delicious image

Zodiac sign


sagitario and scorpio image

And tha's about it! Hope you enjoyed it