I have not been able to write very many stories lately because it feels like all I do now is edit. But I am halfway through editing for the very last time until publication, so I decided to post a few excerpts of the very early stages of me attempting to write this book.

Keep in mind that these excerpts date back all the way to 2014. At this time my story had a completely different storyline, title, character names, and many other differences, but I thought it would be cool to share little parts to see how much you grow over time as a writer!


"You gave us a curfew and took all our pay,
expect us to follow you all of the way,
well dear old king I got something to say,
treat us like animals and we'll make you our prey."

Hope because at one time, things were better. These may be fairy tales but isn't that what life is? One big fairytale? Maybe we're writing a story of our own, a story of our rebellion. And maybe in the next book our children will be able to walk the streets safely, or everyone will be treated fairly.

"the sky looks how running feels; breathless." said jack.
"how so?" ivy asked, not entirely confused but curious.
jack laughed, "you ever been running?"
"course I have." she said like it was the most obvious thing in the world.
"well it's like that, except you never stop running. everything's a blur. it's breathless, never ending."
ivy frowned for a second and then smiled, whispering, "breathless."

we all had an angsty obsession with kingdom rebellion right? yikes.


Looking back at these years, I can tell exactly when my story started to shift into what it is now. Although these excerpts aren't apart of my book, it's crazy to see how my ideas have grown into what it is today. Keep in mind that everything I've posted is unedited and raw.

my nightmare was raven hair and icy blue eyes, and she was born on a day when the earth was crying.

Tension is an unexplainable thing. It lingers in the air like a noose hanging from a tree. It's the invisible feeling that twists in your stomach, waiting for something to happen. My life is a tension magnet supplied by a temper and a crooked crown.

Lastly, this is the excerpt that I began experimenting with the idea that has now become my debut book. This is not in the book, but it can give you a small idea of the tone of it!

My legs ache and my heart beats with excitement as tents emerge into view. I marvel at the different people setting up to trade. People buzz in and out of the tents, filled with curious excitement.
My eyes wander every which way, trying to soak in everything. One man tries to persuade me to buy one of his vases, after I explain that they're beautiful but I have no money he turns to the next person. The Haven is beautiful and magical and everything I could ever dream of.
"I guess it couldn't hurt to look around... for a little while," Jep says, mesmerized, "meet back here in an hour."
I nod and he wanders off on his own journey and I on mine. Bumping into busy people and muttering, "excuse me" under my breath.
One purple tent seems empty, with no one around it. I frown and go inside. Blue lights decorate the interior, and in the middle sits a small table with two large pillows set on either side as chairs. On the table is one small card, and on it is a large purple question mark. My eyes widen as I go to pick it up.
"It's three points for a story, Miss," a deep, somber voice makes me jump before I am able to retrieve the card.
I turn to notice a tall, bearded man with a cane standing in the opening of the tent.
Where did he come from?
"A story?" I ask, goosebumps crawling onto my skin.
"Legends, myths, history lessons, whatever you wish," he replies calmly, "for three points."
I pause before digging into my pocket and pulling out some spare points.
"Have a seat," he motions to the pillow before limping over to his side of the table. I do.
"The card—" I start but he interrupts.
"There are many stories of the world, and many stories of the many regions of the kingdom. But i will tell you one that is about all. It's called the violet theory,"


I know this is a bit unorthodox, but I want to keep you guys updated on my journey and I wanted to show y'all how much your writing can grow. Just because you are not the strongest writer at this moment, does not mean your hard work is gaining you nothing. Keep up the hard work and I promise you will prosper!

The Violet Theory will be available on amazon and kindle either this weekend or next week. You can follow me on Instagram and twitter @elodieiver . If you do end up buying the book please post a picture of you with the book and hashtag it with the book's tagline #haveyouseenthevioletsglow ? I would LOVE that:)

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As usual I encourage any questions, feedback, requests, or tips you guys have! Thanks so much for being so insanely supportive through all of this. If I am able to give help to even one person, this will all be worth it

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