fashion, outfit, and style image fashion, outfit, and style image aesthetic and alternative image lips, aesthetic, and glitter image
skirts lol. and lipgloss.


alternative, grunge, and peach image aesthetic, bye, and light image nature, sunset, and sky image sunset and wallpaper image
color singular?


food, fries, and burger image guitar, music, and grunge image 70s, vintage, and best friends image pink, makeup, and aesthetic image
cooking, music, roller skating/blading, makeup


cat, cute, and animal image


food, pasta, and tomato image Image by Dasia antojo, comida, and negro image Image by tynafy


cards, funny, and mexican image


gay, coming out, and lesbian image 80s, film, and gif image girl, beauty, and eyes image Image by afrobeatgirl
coming out would be nice, be a film director, clear skin, beautiful garden

a book

the outsiders, Harry Styles, and ponyboy image the outsiders, the karate kid, and johnny cade image the outsiders, rob lowe, and sodapop image the outsiders, boy, and dallas winston image
an all time fave

physical traits

makeup, eyes, and Nude image selena gomez, rose, and selena image beauty, makeup, and pretty image nails, tan, and transparent image
my eyebrows are very level up, always been told i look like selena gomez, short straight brown hair, vErY prominent neck saturn rings


city, light, and night image venezia image city, japan, and aesthetic image beautiful and photography image
new york, italy, tokyo, greece


lana del rey, lana, and Queen image gerard way, my chemical romance, and mcr image gif, v, and jimin image selena, selena quintanilla, and makeup image
lana, mcr, bts, selena


quotes, Alyssa, and netflix image couple, love, and aesthetic image alex lawther, netflix, and jessica barden image james, Alyssa, and teotfw image


napoleon dynamite, boyfriend, and quotes image 90s, movie, and river phoenix image quotes, heart, and The Breakfast Club image barbie, cat, and tumblr image
my heartu belongs to napoleon, mopi, the breakfast club, any barbie movie

girl crush

zendaya, black, and celebrity image zendaya image coleman and zendaya image zendaya image
the beautiful princess

guy crush

bts, jhope, and gif image gif image bts, jhope, and hoseok image bts, jhope, and hoseok image
sighs in crybaby