hello! today i'll be showing you my current favorite songs. all of these are available on my spotify, bluedreams.

my my my! | troye sivan

flowers, pastel, and blue image

gorgeous | taylor swift

pastel, pink, and blue image

talk good | grace vanderwaal

book, japan, and japanese image

windmills | the vamps

nails, blue, and white image

talk shows | the vamps

pink, aesthetic, and grunge image

carry you home | zara larsson

blue, pastel, and polaroid image

thumbs | sabrina carpenter

blue, strawberry, and aesthetic image

your love's like | sabrina carpenter

baby blue, blue, and minimalism image

into you | ariana grande

blue image

just a dream | carrie underwood

ice cream, candy, and cotton candy image

yeah boy | kelsea ballerini

car, vintage, and flowers image

new rules | dua lipa

pastel, pink, and aesthetic image

love | lana del ray

hope you liked those! the playlist link is: https://open.spotify.com/user/ocg684o2oidrmjmt4v1hxue9k/playlist/3f4tRGU0uOKPbpku9lUbaP?si=7q5AVwgbS3GIn8EF8sZTHQ ♡ don't forget to heart/react to this post and follow me if you're interested.