In a Starbucks far, far away sits a sulky teen typing away on her laptop - using only melancholy tones and terminology. The gut wrenching pain of what happened in fifth period weighed heavily on heir heart. James had partnered up with Lisa instead of her, Her fingers moved like lightning across the keyboard as she composed a short thought:

"Like a painting
All I can do is stare
I cant go too near
I can't touch you
Or else I'll ruin everything."

She glided the cursor over the 'POST' button and as she clicked it a eyeliner saturated tear fell down the sun deprived skin of her cheek, She brushed the bangs of her jet black fringe to the side and sighed. It wasn't over though, not yet, Her fingers, they tingled and the sketch pad in her (black) backpack beckoned to her. She drew for hours. The finished result she prided in being a representation of herself - an anime styled emo girl sitting alone in a graveyard with one stray tear falling down her face.

"Miss - excuse me miss." She was jolted out of her mental sphere of internal conflict and creativity by a barista. His name tag read "Thomas". She looked up at him and her breath caught, The perfect boy next door, she thought." It's closing time"

"Oh" She said monotonously (she had practiced draining all the life and expression out of her voice - it made reading her dark poetry aloud much more effective) Her heart was racing as she stared into the eyes of Thomas. His eyes were black but she would later write into her diary that night how she drowned in the the pools of his "obsidian orbs" because "obsidian" sounded so much more emotional than "black". She sat there, not moving and silent. Thomas, however, was becoming unnerved by her dead stare.

"Yeah..." He said, shifting his feet and averting his eyes. "You'll have to go, now but, we open tomorrow morning at 8." He then shot her a quick, uneasy smile to make it less awkward.

She nodded slightly, her fringe bobbed along with the movement and her face remained expressionless.

Thomas gave a final nod and scurried away,

As she packed she things, the smallest - and I mean, smallest - fraction of a smile came upon her face, All thoughts of the ever elusive James and the more favorable Lisa vanished.

All she could think about was tomorrow.

Part 2 is up or whateva


Lol so this started as me being bored and wanting to rant about all the emo stuff that i run into on the internet but then developed into something entirely different. I love this, I'm not gonna lie. I'm not bashing people that express their emotions through various art forms. Think of this as a form of satire.It's a joke -an exaggeration, if you will. i'm thinking of continuing her story if you guys like it (or not tbh. this was fun to write). If you want to to know what happens next let me know You can DM me or leave a clapping emoji reaction.

BTW: The quote I used earlier for the post she made is not my own. The owner is someone that goes by the intitials "c.j"

N.M x