Happy Valentine's Day!
So today is the best day to remind you about something, really important:
If it hurts, just leave

  • If he makes you uncomfortable in public in any way, telling private things of yours, ridiculing you, or making fun of you, just leave.
  • If he requires you to ask permission or get angry when you go out with your friends without telling him before, just leave.
  • If you discover him trying to spy your cell phone or directly asks access to it, just leave.
  • If he touchs you without your consent saying that he has the right because you are his partner, just leave.
  • If he says you owe him sex because he's your partner or emotionally blackmails you in any way to get sex, just leave.
  • If he gets to touch a hair of yours, if he pushes you, mistreats you or hits you, just leave as soon as possible.

If you recognize several of these signs, you may be in a violent relationship. Ask for help.
Let's not idealize toxic behaviors. Happy Valentine's Day for everyone.

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