Okay, well this is my first article ever so excuse me if it's not that good but the first thing I thought of is my February K-pop playlist hope you guys enjoy.

exo, Chen, and sehun image
1. Exo- Touch It (Literally one of my favorite songs from The War album it gives you a perfect vibe and if you love dancing it's perfect for you)
joy, wendy, and irene image
2. Red Velvet-Bad Boy (Has to be one of my favorite comebacks that Red Velvet has had. It gives you such a badass vibe.)
dino, DK, and kpop image
3. Seventeen-Bring It (Quick Rant Seventeen is my ultimate boy group the hard work and dedication they put into their music non=stop is so amazing to me. Bring It is sung by Hoshi and Woozi and the beat drops and vocals are amazing and gives you something you can blast in the shower.)
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4. Momoland- Bboom Bboom (Not going to lie this is the first Momoland song that I've actually liked and has gotten me into the group please suggest me more of their songs so I can be as blessed as I am whenever I listen to this song. It's has a perfect older k-pop feel for you to be amazed by)
Jonghyun, SHINee, and kpop image
5. Jonghyun- Greece (This whole album Is truly amazing it has a wide variety of styles in it from ballads to songs you can dance to like crazy. This angel really does have a true talent for music that will never be forgotten ever. He made his mark on the industry and it will always be here. He did very well.)