let's be honest, we have all played the victim once in a situation. we like to blame others for our pain or suffering. we don't like to look in reality and face the fact that we put our self in that circumstance.

i came upon this verse; proverbs 19:3

so basically just look at that first part of that verse a couple times. "a person's OWN folly leads to their ruin"

i know sometimes we actually do feel like the world is against us. we have this negative mindset. we think all these weird false thoughts. 'all these terrible things keep happening.' 'whatever i do, i'm always getting hurt.' 'does God really love me? if He did, these things wouldn't happen.'

well first God does love us. it says so in this verse; romans 5:8

second, the reason why these situations are happening to you is because, you have the mindset of a victim.

if you just trust God with whatever is going on and cast all your anxiety on Him (1 peter 5:7) situations will go differently and He will handle them. because His timing is perfect. (ecclesiastes 3:1)