hi again! i was sitting on my laptop, listening to music today and decided to make a weekly playlist. this playlist consists of ten of my most favorite songs at the time!

1. LOVE.- Kendrick Lamar, ft. Zacari

2. River- Eminem, ft. Ed Sheeran

3. I Fall Apart- Post Malone

4. Him & I- G-Eazy & Halsey

5. Wait- Maroon 5

6. Let You Down- NF

7. Tell Me You Love Me- Demi Lovato

8. Three Little Birds- Bob Marley (this may seem old/weird to you, but it reminds me of my aunt and this song calms me in ways I am unable to explain)

9. Face- PnB (bc it's my besf's fav)

10. Lovin- PnB (bc it's also my besf's fav)

i know these songs are all very different, butt that's okie.
much love, peyton <3