Hey guys!

It's a rainy day in Arizona, the perfect time to sit outside and just write (: I originally was going to post a different article on another snippet of a story that I had started today, but I decided that since today was Valentines Day I would post a steamier one. I hope you enjoy!


Sitting this close to the embodiment of seduction couldn't have been good for my health. The street light flickered on and off above us, adding to her appeal. Each time the lamp lit up it illuminated a different part of her body, giving me enough of a glimpse to realize just how dangerous this woman was. My initial thought was that our close proximity was due to the lack of space within the tiny car, but as the street light shined upon her face, I caught sight of her eyes. They were dancing with mischief.

Her crimson red lips curled upwards, giving way to a row of perfectly straight teeth. Placing her hand on my knee she leaned forward, so close that our breaths mingled; a combination of peppermint and strawberries. For a moment I was sure she was going to kiss me. Instead, she leaned forward even more, her hair brushing along the side of my face as she moved.

"I can't seem to stay away from you," she whispered, her lips grazing my ear in the process.

A/N: I've just had this one sitting about in my notebook for a while now, I haven't really posted anything from a guy's point of view, so I figured I would give it a try. I hope you guys all enjoyed it, I happen to love feedback so be sure to let me know if you liked it or not (: Happy Valentines Day everyone! I hope it turns out to be a lovely one.