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there's a lot of people (15) asking me about how I organize/use my bullet journal!

so, there is an article for you! If you don't ask me this question or, you are just curious to know how I use my bullet journal, read this article...

First you need to have a cute Bullet journal :) This is the basis!

Image by M Y A
There is mine!

After, you write all your best-friends birthays on it!

cat, happy birthday, and cake image

Of course, don't forget to put stikers, It's going to be more envious to do it correctly everyday!

coffe, color, and czech image
It's more cute!

Then, you can put all of yours important dates to remember thoses!

february, january, and printable image
important dates!

DON'T FORGET; make a ''to do list'' it's goig to help you to do...your homework for exemple or just for remember our resolutions of 2018!!

Image by M Y A

-Mee, It help me a lot!!

-I think It's cool to have a bullet journal because you can put what you want on!!

My next article is going to be ''weird things I do Daily''
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go like my last article!
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