hey,so i'm sorry i haven't posted in a while because of school work and stress so while i was scrolling through WHI and found this challenge and i thought it looked cool. Also if we have any similar interests feel free to message me.

My personality

friends, love, and chandler image boy meets world, 90s, and shawn hunter image emma watson, quotes, and crush image quotes, the perks of being a wallflower, and movie image freaks and geeks, quotes, and grunge image quotes, math, and grunge image Image by Sonne66 music, quotes, and life image
i'm awkward/i have no idea who i am/i want to be liked for me/I'm below average/I think most of the world sucks/i suck at alot of things/im used to and like being alone/i listen to music when life starts to suck (which is alot of times)


book and coffee image art, draw, and drawing image camera, vintage, and polaroid image pen and writing image netflix, article, and series image piano, music, and Dream image
Reading/drawing/photography/writing/watching netflix/listening to music and singing

Tv shows

gilmore girls, Kirk, and serie image funny image stranger things, eleven, and dustin image funny, nothing, and quotes image brothers, dean winchester, and funny image atypical and sam gardner image Image removed cristina yang, derek shepherd, and lexie grey image
Gilmore girls/Thats 70's Show/Stranger Things/The Office/Supernatural/Atypical/Sherlock/Greys Anatomy


black jeans, blazer, and blonde hair image girl and outfit image black combat boots, black ankle jeans, and taupe circle purse image nike, sport, and fitness image nike, fashion, and style image body, fitness, and fit image fashion, style, and clothes image girl, fashion, and beach image
I have a pretty chill style i guess

Facial Features

aesthetic, gorgeous, and model image boyfriend and girlfriend, breaking bad, and drugs image
I have a blue eye and a green eye and also i have dark brown curly hair


food, cereal, and breakfast image pizza, food, and delicious image Image by Bad Mona Lisa food, cake, and fruit image
lucky charms,pizza,Bagels, and berry cheesecake


david bowie, bowie, and cigarette image john lennon, quotes, and Yoko Ono image post malone, stoney, and austin post image Harry Styles, harry, and one direction image Image by b- ️lorde image
David bowie,John Lennon,Post Malone,Harry Styles,Halsey,Lorde


quotes, red, and poetry image quotes, love, and her image quotes, lesson, and life image love, quotes, and gossip girl image