Nothing is better than someone you love holding your hand.
This action may be simple, I know.
But ... Even so, this simple touch can make your heart warm up in a matter of seconds.
And makes you want the touch to stay that way for a long time.

You looked at me.
And I knew from your look that you wanted more than a simple touch in hand
A silly smile appears on my lips.
And then my breathing becomes agitated.
Because I knew what I wanted.
My cheeks turn red.
And finally, after restless thoughts, my face approaches yours, and so do you.
And that other touch of the other sudden action ...
It makes the world of us change
And this love can become enduring and perfect.

Quick, sudden, simple, and normal actions can change your life.
And to me, that was the best thing that ever happened.

Happy Valentine's Day my love... I love you so much.