Hello, my name is April and yes it is my first time writing an article, I am interested in trying to write articles since I love writing and I would like other people to read my thoughts and see if any of you can relate or in any way help them, I will tell something about myself, to begin since I was young I lived in hell, but it is a hell that has taught me how to cope with things in a calm and unaltered way but I will tell you that later. In this that is my first article I would like to give priority to the first topic of which I have a lot of experience: loneliness


Many of my friends have told me about loneliness, they have made me know the worst face of loneliness, but that does not mean that I take them into account or that they are correct, loneliness is something that I was always taken from hand, since I was young l was always there and once you do not see loneliness as a nuisance you can learn from it, for example, since I have memory I have solved my problems without the need to tell other people and that if you tell to other people makes the problem bigger than it should be. I like to be alone because I know myself, so I always know what I have to do and I do not doubt about my decisions, I love it because I have sat and thought about myself and it sounds selfish but I have given many people the same advice: "you always go first" before anyone. But now let's talk about when solitude really is considered ugly, when you get too much into it that you do not find a way out, inside you every day reminds you that there is a void, you see everything in a slower way, You are a slower person, you delay in something as wonderful as the world. My point here is that every time you have an opportunity to sit down and think - leaving the cell phone aside - do it, nothing stops you from letting go for a moment and thinking about yourself and what you want to do in what you have planned and in what you want to become, do not regret it and spend your time crying because you are alone, being alone only gives you more time with you, take advantage of it, know yourself and learn to love yourself.