ed sheeran and perfect image ed sheeran, ginger, and Tattoos image
"All my senses come to life, while I'm stumbling home as drunk as I have ever been and I'll never leave again 'cause you are the only one" - One
boy, british, and dublin image boy, british, and dublin image
"I messed up this time, late last night. Drinking to suppress devotion, with fingers intertwined, I can't shake this feeling, now" - I'm a Mess
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"I need you, darling, come on set the tone, if you feel you're falling won't you let me know" - Sing
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"Don't fuck with my love, that heart is so cold all over my home, I don't wanna know that babe" - Don't
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"And I'll say you were beautiful without your makeup and you don't even need to worry about your weight 'cause we can all be loved the way that God made us" - Nina
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"Oh you can fit me inside the necklace you got when you were sixteen, next to your heartbeat where I should be, keep it deep within your soul" - Photograph
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"I've been looking a lover, thought I'd find her in a bottle, God make me another one" - Bloodstream
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"Should this be the last thing I see, I want you to know it's enough for me, 'cause all that you are is all that I'll ever need" - Tenerife Sea
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"My dad wasn't down with that plan to attack, intends to show love, I don't wanna live this way, gonna take my things and go" - Runaway
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"Don't hate me 'cause I write the truth, no I would never lie to you, but it was never fine to lose you" - The Man
ed sheeran and thinking out loud image ed sheeran, thinking out loud, and love image
"So honey now, take me into your loving arms, kiss me under the light of a thousand stars, place your head on my beating heart, I'm thinking out loud and maybe we found love right where we are" - Thinking Out Loud
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"And things were all good yesterday, but then the devil took your breath away, and now we're left here in the pain, black suit, black tie, standing in the rain" - Afire Love
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"I've never had an enemy, except the NME, but I'll be selling twice as many copies as their magazines will ever be" - Take It Back
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"When salted tears won't dry I'll wipe my shirtsleeves under your eyes, these hearts will be flooded tonight" - Shirtsleeves
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"It's alright to die, 'cause death's the only thing you haven't tried. But just for tonight, hold on" - Even My Dad Does Sometimes
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"And if we should die tonight, we should all die together. Raise a glass of wine for the last time" - I See Fire