a song with a colour in the title

yellow submarine - the beatles

the beatles, beatles, and yellow submarine image music, the beatles, and vintage image
"we all live in a yellow submarine"

a song with a number in the title

99 luftballons - nena

1983, nena, and 99 luftballons image illustration, 99 luftballons, and red image
"99 air balloons floating in the summer sky"

a song that reminds you of the summertime

fake magic - peking duk

day, magic, and double rainbow image Image removed
"and i know that you want more, but more of what"

a song that reminds you of someone you'd rather forget

my bestfriend - hollywood anderson

best friend, in love, and hollywood anderson image amor, free, and viajes image
"she's my seasons and my reasons, she's my summer, she's my winter she's my spring"

a song that needs to be played loud

8TEEN - khalid

khalid image aesthetic, artist, and boy image
"damn my car still smells like marijuana

a song that makes you want to dance

finesse - bruno mars

funny, gracioso, and humor image 90's, denim, and hat image
"we out here dripping in finesse"

a song to drive to

tongue tied - grouplove

band, rock, and special image quote and love image
"don't leave me tongue tied, don't kiss me goodnight"

a song about drugs or alcohol

red red wine - UB40

ub40 image 80s, record, and if it happens again image
"red red wine goes to my head, makes me forget that i still need you so"

a song that makes you happy

mine - bazzi

andrew bazzi and bazzi image funny, mine, and tumblr image
"just lay with me, waist this night away with me"

a song that makes you sad

nana - the 1975

the 1975, matty healy, and music image aesthetic, alternative, and bands image
"i think you can tell, i haven't been doing too well"

a song you never get tired of

arty boy - flight facilities

love, flowers, and kids image beach, colourful, and flowers image
"all i wanna know is, what you think about me, arty boy"

a song from your preteen years

i wish i was a punk rocker (with flowers in my hair) - sandi thom

song, sandi thom, and i wish i waas a punk rock image 1977, aesthetic, and poppies image
"in '77 and '69 revoloution was in the air"

a song you like from the 70's

bennie and the jets - elton john

27 dresses, katherineheigl, and bennie and the jets image
"she's got leopard boots, a mohair suit, you know i've read it in a magazine"

a song you would love to be played at your wedding

lovin' you - minnie riperton

Minnie Riperton image Minnie Riperton and afro hair image
"loving you is easy because you're beautiful"

a song you like that's a cover by another artist

girl crush - harry styles ( originally by little big town)

edit, Girl Crush, and Lyrics image Harry Styles, one direction, and heart image
"cause maybe then, you'd want me just as much"

a song that's a classic favourite

tubthumping - chumbawamba

chumbawamba image chumbawamba image
"pissing the night away"

a song you'd sing a duet with someone on karaoke

don't go breaking my heart - elton john, kiki dee

elton john and kiki dee image elton john image
"but when i was down, i as your clown"

a song from the year you were born

complicated - avril lavigne (why does this make me feel soooo young??)

Avril Lavigne, guitar, and black and white image Avril Lavigne, fool, and Lyrics image
"why d'you have to go and make things so complicated"

a song that makes you think about life

idontwannabeyouanymore - billie eilish

billie eilish, icon, and billie image aesthetic, alternative, and black image
"tell the mirror what you know she's heard before"

a song that has many meanings to you

paper thin - astrid S

girl, happiness, and singer image aesthetic, art, and background image
"read my mind just like i'm naked"

a song you like with a persons name in the title

frank ocean - call me karizma

tyler the creator image frank ocean, art, and black and white image

a song that moves you forward

obsessed - maggie lindemann

Image by m Image by m
"you're looking in my eyes just to see your own reflection"

a song you think everybody should listen to

come on mess me up - cub sport

band, concert, and black image
"I feel in love with avoiding problems"

a song by a band you wish were still together

rum rage - sticky fingers

aussie, sticky fingers, and dizza image sticky fingers and dylan frost image
"pack my suitcase, cause i'm going far away"

a song you like by an artist no longer living

sapace oddity - david bowie

david bowie, bowie, and cigarette image david bowie, bowie, and rock image

a song that makes you want to fall in love

best friend - rex orange county

rex orange county, REX, and sunflower image best friend and rex orange county image
"but i still wanna break your heart and make you cry"

a song that breaks your heart

all i want - kodaline

quotes, sad, and aesthetic image kodaline, all i want, and music image
"cause if i could see your face once more, i could die a happy man im sure"

a song by an artist who's voice you love

ivy - frank ocean

fashion, ivy, and music image fashion, ivy, and music image
"we don't give a fuck back then"

a song you remeber from your childhood

brown eyed girl - van morrison

brown eyed girl, fave, and van morrison image Jim Morrison and van morrison image
"do you remember how we used to dance?"

a song that reminds you of yourself

laughing on the outside - bernadette carroll

artist, laugh, and music image sad, bubbles, and cartoon image
"i'm laughing on the outside, crying on the inside because i'm so in love with you"