Hi! I usually write positive stuff, but now I just want to get real and share my insecurities with you, and please, read till the end, it's important to me. I am quite unhealthy. I don't exercise, I am very lazy, I eat a lot of sweets (I can't help it I just love the taste), and my eating habits are just bad in general.
In the past I suffered from anorexia, I used to eat literally nothing and my goal wasn't even to become thinner, I was just stvaring myself because it became a normal thing to me, an habit.
The thing that happens after a long period of starving yourself is, your body literally starts to store fat to survive and function as normally as possible.
So, when I decided I had to start eating again, I gained lot of weight all at once. A few years passed and now I am a 20 years old girl, or young lady I should say, and I am quite happy with the way my body looks. I don't want to starve myself anymore, I really think that I am pretty and I even like my soft tummy and thights. But I still am a little ashamed and scared when I am naked in front of my boyfriend, or when I go to the beach.
The truth is I am not THAT happy with myself. As I mentioned before, I became very lazy. I used to love sport, exercise, challenging myself, and now I literally am tired all day, and I think I know the reason: I sleep a lot, eat bad. I just want to be healthy. It's ok to be happy with yourself, but I don't want to treat my body this badly. I just want to find a way to motivate myself.
I know that I can improve. I know that I can eat healhtier, sleep better, find the strenght to exercise regulary. Just.. how ?
So I want to start this journey and share this with you. I tried to do it without sharing it with anyone, but I just lose motivation. I think that if a lot of people know about this, I will be more motivated to succeed.
Maybe it is a crazy idea, but I want to share every week my improvements and thoughts.
I don't know, are you interested in this? What do you think about all of this? Can you please DM me, share your story with me if you feel comfortable, or just write a tip to stay motivated?

Lots of love