hi! here is another post and i want this to be different than usual 'what to do when you are bored?' posts because they are all pretty much the same so… without for there do, let's get started!

pamper routine:

this is so relaxing specially if you have a lazy day and want to treat yourself. grab your favorite snack, mask, tv show and drink some champagne. you deserve this, queen.
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go out:

might sound cliché but go out with your friends for an adventure. meet new people, new places, eat and laugh. you will never know what anecdotes are waiting for you to be told.
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find a new book to read on your free time. it doesn't need to be fiction or a romantic one. no one will judge you if you read a not interesting book just read and open your mind to new words.
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netflix and chill:

i always do this because i am too lazy but it's such a good idea.
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paint your nails:

because why not?
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create outfits:

this is something that I always do. it makes me so happy and feeling relax i dont know why but you should try it. also, you don't have to use your clothes from your closet. i create outfits in this app called polyvore and it's basically the same thing :)
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write articles on we heart it:

well guys, that's what i do.
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so i think this is the end of the post! i hope you enjoy it and i might post a part 2 of this if i find new things to do when you are bored!

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see you next time, bye :)x

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