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This article is going to be ''my favs series and movies''

I know, It's not very original because everybody made one article like this! but I really want to write only one article like this so...
Let's started!

TV shows;

-of course...STRANGER THINGSSS because It's my lifeee this is the BEST serie I'v ever seen! you can trust me, It's soooooo good!!

-Pretty Little Liars

-End of the F***ing World




-13 Reasons Why

-New Girl

this is all series I seen! I love all of them :))
They are all so good so, go watch it!
they are on Netflix :))


-Soul Surfer --> I watch it like 10 times and It's better evreytime I see it!


-Mean Girls :))

-Evil Dead --> Im a big horror movie fans :) I will do an article of all horror movies I seen!

-Sex Friends

-Easy A

-The edge of seventeen

-The babysitter

-The Open House-->It's sooo good


This is all movies that I seen, I seen more movies than that but they are the best!

They are eather on Netflix :))

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