Dear you:

Once you told me you did not have a crush on someone for a long time because it seemed like an absurd cerebral mechanics that prevents you from turning the page when that special person appears and that therefore human evolution goes back millions of years.

However and even if in that moment I said to you “You’re right”, it seemed ironic to me that precisely you, the person that I liked, the same person who defended that philosophy, who, unconsciously, did not allow me to advance. Maybe because I did not want to do it or maybe because I felt that for both of us we were that special person.

How wrong I was.

Tell me something, what happened with you? Let me refresh your memory, because I believe it more than necessary given the circumstances.
I met you in November, although I did not get into a conversation with you until January. I was timid and inexperienced and you had played so many times at the same game that it was at least difficult to have me right where you wanted. We started to talk by mistake, but I spent the whole night awake in order to continue listening to elaborate arguments that invited me to tell you about every important thing that crossed my mind, I would put my hand in the fire when saying that you do the same thing.

Once again, how wrong I was.

Why did you disappear without saying goodbye? Why did you forget my name so fast? You arrived like a hurricane, you unleashed a revolution in my life and you left.
A short time later they told me that you had finally found your long-awaited special person.

At this point, I realize that you never gave me back those hours of sleep, day and night, those pieces of glass that, gathered together, formed my illusions and those talks of consolation that wear away my tactile traces.

Thanks for making me strong.

Live, love and lose,


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