Sometimes we're like birds in a little idiotic cage.
Trapped and scared, we want to be free, even if that is almost impossible.
We call the people around us.
But none of them speaks with us, nor does he look to us right.
They pass straight, pretend not to hear.
They disbelieve in our truths.
They talk from behind us.
But even so, we try again and again.
Even knowing the result of it all.

Freedom was in front of us.
There was only one more step to get out of there.
And although the small door or gate is closed ...
We do not give up.
We try more and more.
Fighting against truths, conversation controversial, random and meaningless fights.
And, later after you try hard enough.
And...Someone sets us free.
Our Savior.
He open the cage ... Or the door of the room that locked you,
It could be until he had freed you from your own mind that had upset you every day.
But now.
We can finally know what it's like to know and feel the world that was always in front of us.
Touch, smell the flowers, look at the beautiful sky above the ground and swim in the water.
Thanks even though I do not know how.
And even if it is not physically.
We say thank you so much.
In a simple corner of the morning, in the mind, in a phrase without sound coming out of our mouths or beaks.
And yes ... Freedom is very good.
I want everyone to be like this.
Feel the same.

Because, the freedom ...
It is something inexplicable