Hello everyone, this is another article, this time on positivity. I believe there are some situations and occurrences in our lives which are uncontrollable however, they can lead to a huge impact on our mood, thoughts, feelings behaviours and our general outlook on life. By writing this article I'm not trying to change your thoughts or make you feel sad, I guess it's up to you what you believe however, I do hope that in some small way this can help you improve your lives and become more positive; knowing that I could help someone even in such a small way would be amazing and truly make me happy. Anyway, in this article, I'm going to talk about 3 important things which really led me to become a more happier and beautiful person inside, I really feel at peace. Obviously there are occasions were I get really angry but I generally feel better now, I can see the difference in myself; I hope this helps you too. Enjoy my bebes, muah!

1) Look After Your Health:
Don't be afraid, I'm not going to tell you to binge eat carrots and drink tomato juice for all eternity. Actually, deep down I am so unhealthy. Yep. I am one of those weirdos who sneaks downstairs at 1am to get drunk off Coca Cola; I have weird cravings like that. My advice would be to drink plenty of water, I drink around 500ml a day whilst I'm at college which is basically a small water bottle, even that small amount refreshes my brain and wakes me up in the morning. I also enjoy eating dried fruits; these are a great substitute to sweets and chocolates as I believe they have slightly less sugar in them (don't quote me on that) and no, chocolate raisins DO NOT COUNT. I recommend a personal preference of mine which are dried apricots which I randomly stumbled across, literally get through 1 packet of them a day but be sure to get the right ones, I ended up getting some from university and they were dried apricots alright, they were drier than the Sahara desert, I think my whole mouth went crusty af. Generally, by taking care of your health you will be more on the ball and ready for the day.

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2) Inspirational Quotes: This is kind of typical but I enjoy saving quotes onto my phone into my gallery, along with memes and gifs, they brighten my day. A quote can be so relatable but be sure to make sure they're not depressing or sad ones, it's really strange how just reading those can change your mood. Anyways here are some of my favourite kinds of quotes right now:
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3) Start A Bullet Journal/ Diary: These are ways of keeping organised however, a bullet journal is a way to just unleash your thoughts but at the same time note down important dates or information. I really love the idea of staying organised however, becoming positive means letting go or dealing with your negative emotions. In a lot of cases, including mine personally I really hate confiding and telling others how I'm feeling; partly because I'm stubborn as hell but also, I hate the idea of friends. I prefer being alone and keeping shi* to myself (excuse my language). In this case, starting a little diary or journal can allow you to come to terms and talk about what things have happened which have caused you to feel this way or, at the same time you can fill your diaries with beautiful things to keep you happy. Each person has a different method of coping with bad occurrences in their life.

Hope you all enjoyed this short but sweet article <3<3<3