Hey there people!

I'm back with another post. This time I'm going to tell you about some of the best photographers on Instagram.

Who doesn't like taking photos? It's a great hobby and a creative way of expressing ourselves. On the other hand, it takes a ton of effort and time to create the perfect photo and edit it in the right way. If you currently think that it's really easy to work as a photographer, I have to disappoint you: many have tried, few have succeded.

Well, here is the list of those who have definitely succeded.

Jessica Kobeissi

If you are really into phtography as a hobby (or as a job) you may have heard her name. She's a really famous photographer on YouTube and Instagram. What makes her photos unique is that she plays with the colors and contours the face perfectly.

girl, photography, and beautiful image model image
If you want to see more follow @jessicakobeissi !

Brandon Woelfel

One of the most creative photographers in the world. It's extremely hard to make high-quality photos in the dark with only fairylights, but no one is better at this than Brandon.
Whether you've heard his name or not, I'm sure that you've seen some of his photos, but if not, here are some of his works:

love, couple, and goals image girl, lights, and photography image
His IG account is: @brandonwoelfel and @bran.wolf !

Jerry Maestas

Jerry is a really cool photographer from Arizona, who currently lives in Los Angeles. His photos are beautiful, he makes wonderful pics.
Here are some of his masterpieces:

model, tashimrod, and photo image photo, photography, and jerry maestas image
Follow Jerry on IG: @jerrymaestas . The model you can see on the pics is @tashimrod !


Probably one of the most famous photographers of LA who has photoshoots with tons of Hollywood stars, such as Alexis Ren, The Dolan Twins, Cameron Dallas, Lele Pons and more.
Here you can see his photos:

bryant, ethan dolan, and grethan image lele pons, juanpa zurita, and zuripons image
See more on @bryant !

Derrick Freske

A talented artist from California. His photos are mesmerizing. The pop of the colors makes his photos very special.
You can see some of his pics here:

photo, photography, and derrick freske image photo, photography, and derrick freske image
Want to see more? Follow @dfreske !

Annegien Schilling

A brilliant dutch/american hobby photographer. Her style is totally different from the others': it's magical, sometimes surreal and creative.
Her editing is on fleek, for sure.

Angel Wings, feathers, and annegien schilling image Image removed
Got inspired? See other pics on IG: @annegienschilling and @fetching_tigerss !

Natalia Seth

This 17 years old american girl totally rocks! Her editing skill is on point, she makes wonderful photos! Currently she has 201k followers, but she deserves more!

beautiful, edits, and natalia seth image flowers, model, and photo image
Love her style? You can find her on Instagram: @escapingyouth and @nataliaseth !

Monica Carvalho

I bet you've never seen anything like this before! Artistic and imaginative, yet beautiful and extremely gorgeous!
Her works are so inspiring!

creative, photo, and photography image creative, monica carvalho, and photo image
Want more of this content? Follow @mofart_photomontages !

Zach Allia

This gorgeous photographer from Utah knows how to wow the audience! He makes breathtaking pics with pure colors and filters! One of my favs.

model, photo, and photography image model, photo, and photography image
Follow him: @zachallia !


Last, but not least: The Illiterate poet aka "Local Sleepy Boi"! This photographer is just awesome: lively colors, perfect editing, modern content. I adore every single pic.

photo, photography, and photoshoot image photo, photography, and theilliteratepoet image
For more fantastic content follow @the.illiterate.poet !

That's all for today folks! Hope you enjoyed my post! Have a nice day!