Exactly I never realized how everything had happened so fast, I was trembling under a tree, in the middle of a forest, everything seemed that scene of a Little Red

Riding Hood with the whole forest full of snow.

I'm here for just someone, him.

The only human who knew he could help me self-destruct.

If I go back a bit in the past, in December, when I convinced him to dance in that cabin, with the fire keeping us at a comfortable temperature. After having been watching the special Christmas movies for a while. When I let myself be hugged, and we were able to accommodate ourselves like in those movies, where they make the final waltz, I felt in a Christmas bubble.

That bubble which lasted little, as we were destroying.

Crumbling what we once built.

I remember when I put on the brakes after what I had to do, and as seconds before

I squeezed the steering wheel with incredible rage, nor do I remember myself because you were so angry.

As I woke up in the hospital, at midnight, after some instructions from the nurse, I was able to see him.

He had twenty stitches on his face, and when I took his hand, after a while I saw how he was awake, he began to cry when I stared at him, at his side, when he took his hand, and I also cried, breaking.

There was a moment of peace between us, when I just sat on his lap when the afternoons fell in the park, when I saw people pass by, and I felt them as dead, as if they were black and white and we radiated colors.

And as if it was a couple of seconds ago when I was visiting him when he recovered, and those men arrived, seconds after I realized there was no one in that cabin.

He had summoned me to that cabin.

That cabin was alone.

He did not send me a message telling me to be there because he wanted to see me.

He never left his habits.

He lied to me when he told me we were safe.

The place where he placed me was my death.

Clear escape, nor do I know how I did it.

But I felt like heartbreaking sigh came out of me, had given that breath with the last of me.

I no longer had to fear of being in danger.

I no longer felt that he had betrayed me.

Just stop feeling.

And I felt that feeling of liberation that had so deprived me for so long.