The animals are closer than us to the divine source because they’re mythical, dreamy. by sharing their animal conscience we transcend the time and space, the laws of effect. the relation between man and animal is purely spiritual, because our animal instinct is stronger and less racional because they’re manifestations of the archetypal powers of the human being. strengthen the physical and the mental vigor, increasing the disposition and the knowledge, aiding in the diagnosis of diseases and helping to achieve challenges..

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Giraffe: calmness, inspiration to the sucess,smoothness and sweetness

giraffe, animal, and sky image giraffe, animal, and friends image

Dolphins: purity,ilumination,peace,love,wisdom, harmony and comunication.

dolphin, ocean, and animal image

Lion: power,stronger,majesty,nobility,courage,health,security and self confidence.

animal, cute, and lion image lion and animal image

Ladybug: lucky, protection and achievements.

ladybug, Chat Noir, and miraculous ladybug image

Wolf: love, healfly relanshionships,loyalty,generosity and lesson.

cute, dog, and animal image girl, wolf, and animal image

Penguin: paternity, being in community,loyalty on

animal, penguin, and snow image Image by libra2


instrospection, intuition,cure, awareness, curiosity and lessons.

bear, animal, and snow image bear, animal, and baby image

kisses cat girl