Hello guys, so it's the first time I'm writing here so I hope you enjoy.

I will list 7 movies that make you reflect on everything and that everyone should see at least once in their lives.

1- I origins

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This is a amazing and thrilling that even those who do not believe in anything starts to reflect about our origins.

2- Before I fall

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This movie is wonderful and makes us think about who we really are.

3- The giver

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If you want to rethink the society in which we live that's the movie, and it's amazing.

4- Okja

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You will cry a lot and rethink their eating habits with this movie, but it will be worth it

5- Before we go

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One night can change everything, especially ourself.

6- A girl like her

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This movie deals with serious issues like suicide, is very important to watch.

7- Eat, pray, love

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Is one of my favorite movies, and you'll want to travel the world.

Xoxo... Izzy.