day one:
i noticed a petite dirty blonde girl walking through the halls. i noticed that fake smile. i noticed her timid posture and her uncomfortable shifty gaze.

day two:
i saw her again. but that’s no surprise.

day three:
i noticed. she’s beautiful. i’ve known that all along. i am not afraid to admit that anymore.

day four:
she looked at me, and smiled.

day five:
her birthday had passed. but i am shy. and did not say anything.

day six:
eye contact. i wonder. she’s such a mystery.

day seven:
i walk down the same halls i always do. she looked upset.

day eight:
i wanted to say something. im assuming so did she. i tried hiding the obvious fact that i wanted to approach her, but i stepped back. and decided to let my curiosity go.

day nine:
she said hello. and introduced herself.

day ten:
we grew closer.

day eleven:
butterflies. as she spoke. my heart raced. when she said my name. she took me for walks. she made me laugh. she made me okay.

day twelve:
i am falling i am falling oh i am falling hard.

day thirteen:
would she ever like me?

day fourteen:
i have come to the conclusion that i am not good enough for her. no one is.

day fifteen:
her smile. her eyes. her cute little nose. her personality. her pure heart. i can go on and on about this girl.

day sixteen:
i am away from her for a week.

day seventeen:
my heart hurts, and aches for her presence.

day eighteen:
i am back. and she has opened up.

day nineteen:
i’ve realized she’s one of the strongest people i know.

day twenty:
i think i love her.

day twenty one:
my mind is telling me to stop. you’re going to get hurt again. my heart is telling me she’s the one. take a chance. fall in love with her.

day twenty two:
i fell. after all. people always say follow your heart.

day twenty three:
i am completely, utterly, deeply in love with her.

day twenty four:
does she feel what i do?

day twenty five:
i am tired of being just friends.

day twenty six:
my heart shattered when i saw her with a boy. she looked at him the way i look at her. she kissed him the way i wish i could kiss her. and he held her. the way my arms crave to feel her. and i asked myself. why did i follow my heart? i have fallen asleep crying. something i haven’t done since before she came into my life.

day twenty seven:
maybe she knew what she was doing. maybe she didn’t. maybe i am stupid for thinking she could ever love me. it’s all my fault. i will never be the one for her. i will never be the one she wants. nor am i what she needs. and that boy who has her heart, i pray he treats her like a queen. and to that very same girl, i am still hopelessly in love with you.

~ to all the girls, who never got the girl they love.
six months. twenty seven days. & soon to be two years.