1. If I were a flower...
- Orchid

white, interior, and flowers image

If I were a text type...
- Turquoise

3. If I were a berry...
- Raspberry

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4. If I were a cake...
- Cheesecake

coffee, food, and autumn image

5. If I were a place
- Bora Bora

bora bora, summer, and sea image

6. If I were a feeling...
- Free

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7. If I were a travel method...
- Plane

travel, sky, and airplane image

8. If I were a store...
- Book store

book, light, and library image

9. If I were a moment...
- The feeling you get when you are starting a new exciting adventure

sunset, sky, and nature image

10. If you were an activity?
- Eating sushi

what if and love image

11. If I were an animal...
- An Armadillo

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12. If I were a book...
- Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

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13. If I were a poem...
- Ein Liebeslied by Else Lasker Schüler

A love song

Come to me in the night - we shall sleep closely together.
I am so tired, lonely from being awake.
A strange bird already sang in the dark early morning,
As my dream still wrestled with itself and me.
Flowers open before all the springs
Taking on the color of your eyes...

Come to me in the night on seven-starred shoes
And love shall be wrapped up until late in my tent.
Moons rise from the dusty trunk of heaven.

We shall make love quietly like two rare animals
In the high reeds behind this world.

Ein Liebeslied

Komm zu mir in der Nacht – wir schlafen engverschlungen.
Müde bin ich sehr, vom Wachen einsam.
Ein fremder Vogel hat in dunkler Frühe schon gesungen,
Als noch mein Traum mit sich und mir gerungen.

Es öffnen Blumen sich vor allen Quellen
Und färben sich mit deiner Augen Immortellen ...

Komm zu mir in der Nacht auf Siebensternenschuhen
Und Liebe eingehüllt spät in mein Zelt.
Es steigen Monde aus verstaubten Himmelstruhen.

Wir wollen wie zwei seltene Tiere liebesruhen
Im hohen Rohre hinter dieser Welt.

14. If I were an object...
- Apple

yummy image

15. If I were a song...
-Hey Jude by The Beatles

beatle, paul, and hey jude image

16. If I were a scent...
- Freshly printed books

book, library, and room image

17. If I were a music genre...
- Indie/Alternative rock

couple, love, and guitar image

18. If I were a clothing item...
- Sweater

aaron johnson image

19. If I were a candle...
- Cool Marine and Musk

bath, candle, and cozy image

20. If I were a body part...
- a heart

love, heart, and kiss image

21. If I were a fictional character...
- Four from the Divergent series

divergent, tris, and four image

22. If I were a drink...
- water

nature, boat, and lake image

23. If I were a colour...
- black

dog, cute, and puppy image

24. If I were a Disney prince...
- The beast from Beauty and the beast

25. If I were a date...
- A clear night under the stars with wine and snacks probably on a boat

stars, car, and sky image

26. If I were a mythical creature...
- Dragon

dragon, fantasy, and eye image

27. If I were a word...
- Infinite

infinite, quote, and infinity image

28. If I were a Greek God...
- Apollo

apollo image

29. If I were a shoe...
- Hiking boot

hiking, hipster, and indie image

30. If I were a view...
- Being in a hotel room with someone you love looking over a unfamiliar beautiful new adventure waiting to happen.

sky, sunset, and window image

31. If I were a season...
- early summer

surf, beach, and summer image

32. If I were famous...
- Animal Expert

animal, lion, and hug image

33. If I were a weather...
- Lightning and thunder

clouds, sky, and storm image

34. If I were an accessory...
- Sunglasses

beach, summer, and surf image

35. If I were a drink...
- Milkshake

food, oreo, and chocolate image

36. If I were a quote...

winnie the pooh, quotes, and forever image

37. If I were a moment of the day...
- Sunset

nature, moon, and sky image

38. If I were an element...
- Water

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39. If I were a TV series...
- Game of thrones

game of thrones, khal drogo, and got image

40. If I were a superhero...
- Superman

41. If I were a girl...
- Emma Watson

girl, beautiful, and british image

42. If I were a school subject...
- History

travel, rome, and architecture image

43. If I were a fabric...
- Suede

fashion, blue, and hair image

blue, aesthetic, and dark image

44. If I were a flavour...
- Sweet

45. If I were part of nature...
- Waterfall

summer, water, and jump image

46. If I were a movie...
- Avatar

47. If I were a month...
- July

48. If I were a fruit...
- Picked apple earlier so I could pick avocado now

food, coffee, and healthy image

49. If I were a holiday...
- Christmas

christmas, winter, and snow image

50. If I were a vegetable...
- Peas

colors, dinner, and food image