Hi everyone! I thought about writing this article to talk about a film that really struck me! It is called Loving Vincent and it is naturally dedicated to our favorite artist: Vincent Van Gogh. The film takes up an emblematic moment of the artist's life: it investigates especially the case of his death... Was it really a suicide? Or was someone who wanted his death? The film keeps us suspended all the time on this mysterious fact and it does it through the figures of some characters that have affected the same life of Van Gogh, for example:
Armand Roulin, Margaret Gachet, Pere Tanguy... to whose the same artist has dedicated beautiful and famous portraits! More than 800 works he realized during the course of his life which, although not too long, it was however very intense and full of emotions that he never forgot to talk about in his paintings... He said, in an emblematic quotation: "loves many things, because this is the true strength, and what is done with love is well done". He therefore lived his dramatic life to the full and left a great result for it. The film helps us to understand the importance of all this, above all thanks to a perfect condensation of cinematography and digital art! The technology in this case has really made a masterpiece and has made the memory of this artist in an original and innovative way! I recommend it to all the admirers of Van Gogh and his art and in this case ...
good vision!

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