Hi everybody! I saw this amazing challenge going around and I wanted to try it. I really wanted to choose the pictures and make it really long and interesting! Here is my take at the #thisismechallenge #gettoknowme #ifIwereA
Hope you like it!

If I were a... | Get to know me through pictures.

1. If I were a clothing style.
fashion, jeans, and style image fashion image fashion, style, and beautiful image autumn, fall, and sweater image
Hippie con OSDE.

Sadly, this is not how I actually dress cause I am poor (cries), but I love this type of clothes. I also really like bohemian or hippier stylish clothes, as if I lived in an everlasting Lollapalooza or Coachella festival.

2. If I were a color.
yellow, aesthetic, and blanket image yellow, sky, and clouds image flowers, desert, and nature image honey, yellow, and aesthetic image
And it was all yellow.

Even though my name is actually Blue, I love warm yellow. It's like happiness to me and I see it in everything. I could live in it.

3. If I were an animal.
bear, animal, and nature image wolf, animal, and sleep image dog image lion, love, and animal image
King and lionheart.

My favorite animal is the dog. I love them and every single one. But I am also a proud Gryffindor, my spirit animal is a wolf and bears warm my heart. Also, my Patronus is a lynx.

4. If I were a season.
wood, winter, and nature image snow, winter, and boots image autumn, photography, and unedited image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
Winter wonderland.

As I live in South America, winter for us falls on June, July and August. It never snows here, but I relate winter with Christmas (burning hot December) and everything white.

5. If I were a time of day.
girl, nature, and photography image hands, aesthetic, and window image yellow, aesthetic, and window image deep image
Golden hour.

Right now, I'm living in the middle of summer, so Golden hour starts at about 19.15 p.m. and it lasts until 20.00 p.m.

6. If I were an element.
fire and photography image art, forest, and vines image nature, forest, and tree image Abusive image
Fire & earth.

I am a Sagittarius, so I am a fire sign and I have a fire type personality. However, I feel way more connected in body and mind to Earth. Earth pulls me like a magnet and I find myself feeling spiritualy healthy whenever I'm within nature.

7. If I had a superpower.
red queen, mare barrow, and mare barou image blue, power, and magic image falling and floating image sky image fire, hand, and aesthetic image hands, light, and photography image
I wishhh

I'd have electricy powers, I'd fly and I would be a firebender.

8. If I were a flower.
colour, nature, and flower image flowers image freesia image freesia image

If I were a flower I would definitely be a Freesia, as it is my favorite. If you never smelt it, it can be described as spring breeze and lightness of mind, body, spirit and everything that heavies you. I also really like Jasmine and "Jazmin del aire", which in english would be "Jasmine from the air". (Respectively, Jasmine in a flowerpot and Jasmine in a vine, which smells very different from eachother). Also, I have a soft spot for Linden.

9. If I were a book.
harry potter, book, and hp image boom, film, and movie image fairy oak image newt, thomas, and book image the hunger games and mockingjay image book and narnia image
Well, I love fiction. I love making aesthetics about fiction. I grew up in a Harry Potter loving family, so the Wizarding World surrounded me since I was very young and the Sorcerer's Stone was the first book I ever read.

Soon after that, I fell in love with the Fairy Oak books (written by an italian autor) which sadly haven't been translated into english. Seven books telling the story of a magic village full of witches with light and dark powers (night and day), narrated by a fairy. It exploded my imagination and taught me to believe, always and above all.

Then, of course, I love young adult books like The Hunger Games and The Maze Runner (I am currently halfway through Insurgent). I always loved the movies but recently, The Chronicles of Narnia books have also made their way to my heart.
However, my favorite book is A Monster Calls. A MUST read, especially if you are dealing with sadness, loss or whatever feeling stopping you from being truly happy. I have an anxiety disorder and have had panic and anxiety attacks, and this book was a vital part of my recovery.
10. If I were a song.
kodaline, high hopes, and Lyrics image kodaline image
High Hopes by Kodaline
quotes, iris, and tumblr image aesthetic, alternative, and Boyce Avenue image
Iris by Goo Goo Dolls
quotes, love, and you and me image boys, clock, and girls image
You And Me by Lifehouse
Barcelona, I Love You, and Lyrics image amor, tristeza, and adeus image
Come Back When You Can by Barcelona

My four absolute favorite songs.

11. If I were a boy (I think I could understand).
machine gun kelly and ️mgk image home and ️mgk image cleveland, machine gun kelly, and young gunner image bloom, rapper, and singer image
Machine Gun Kelly.

Man, I'm in love with you.

12. If I were a band.
music, music festival, and show image drummer, guitarist, and music image band, Lyrics, and music image garrett nickelsen, john o'callaghan, and jared monaco image
Imagine Dragons & The Maine

I've been listening to The Maine, my favorite band, for 9 years now. Also, I'm seeing Imagine Dragons in the Lollapalooza next month and I'm freaking excited.

13. If I were a book/movie character.
smile, child, and freckles image Image by capricorn✨ quotes, child, and magic image lion, animal, and wild image
Courage, dear heart.

I'd be Lucy Pevensie. I love her and, even though I am 18 years old, she is who I aspire to be. She is a character thar irradiates light and lightness. She never loses her Faith, not once, not even when it is thought silly to do so. She believes and she teaches her siblings to believe, siblings whom she loves with all her heart. And she also loves her land and her people and she trusts Aslan like I wan to trust my God, with blind Faith.

14. If I were a disney princess.
disney image dreams, floating, and lantern image flowers, tower, and castle image aesthetic image
I have a dream!

I'd be Rapunzel. It is my dream for "I See The Light" to be my First Dance at my wedding.

And at last I see the light and it's like the fog has lifted. And at last I see the light and it's like the sky is new. And it's warm and real and bright and the world has somehow shifted. All at once everything looks different, now that I see you.
15. If I were a mytical creature.
dragon, sky, and fantasy image dragon, game of thrones, and egg image game of thrones, dragon, and got image dragon, fantasy, and mountains image

I'd be a dragon. For now on, you can call me The Mother Of Dragons or The Dragon Queen. I also respond to Your Magesty.

16. If I were a poem.
beautiful, quotes, and poems image quotes, courage, and heart image quotes, happiness, and words image Image by s Abusive image quotes, love, and stars image
17. If I were a feeling.
stars, sky, and night image fun, hands, and music image beach, hawaii, and holiday image grunge, night, and alone image couple, love, and sea image girl, nature, and adventure image

I'd be freedom, love and immensity.


That's it guys! Thank you for reading it until the end xx.
Happy Valentine's Day <3 lots of love!


wednesday 02/14/18.