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Today's finally Valentine's Day!
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I want to celebrate it with all of you by the third Article of the series Couples that make our hearts beat. If you read the previous Articles I wrote, you already know what it is, but in case you missed it, I'm going to make a short introduction, but if you're only interested in my list of the Hollywood couples, no problem! Just skip my premise and scroll down a little bit!


So, Couples that make our hearts beat is a kind of simple project I created for Valentines where I share with you my idea of love and my favourite couples, both in books or movies and in real life.
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You missed the first two Articles? No problem, here they are!
In this Article I made a list of the most romantic couples in Disney movies, since the very first cartoons we all watched when we were kids! Want a few examples? Here they are!

Jane and Tarzan

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Princess Ariel and Prince Eric

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Lady and the Tramp

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And how could I forget, Wendy and Peter?

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⟡❤⟡❤⟡❤⟡❤⟡❤⟡❤⟡❤⟡❤⟡❤⟡❤ ❤⟡❤⟡❤⟡❤⟡❤⟡❤⟡❤⟡❤⟡❤⟡❤⟡❤⟡

In this Article instead I'm talking to all the bookworms out there! I wrote about three couples I absolutely love and I think you all know...

Katniss and Peeta

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Ron and Hermione

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Tris and Four

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⟡❤⟡❤⟡❤⟡❤⟡❤⟡❤⟡❤⟡❤⟡❤⟡❤ ❤⟡❤⟡❤⟡❤⟡❤⟡❤⟡❤⟡❤⟡❤⟡❤⟡❤⟡

And by the way, I have recently started a new Collection about this! I called it Valentines Mood: ON because I hope it can transmit you that magical mood of joy, love and good vibes only Valentines has! If you're curious about it, please feel free to go check it out!


And now, let's come back to this Article!

Since I think Nicholas Sparks is the best author on Earth when it comes to love and romance, I'm going to collect the most romantic and beautiful couples I read in his novels or saw in the movies based on the books. If you're a Sparks fan, you simply can't miss it!

Beth and Logan ~ The Lucky One

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My favourite couple among all. Since the very first conversation they have, Logan and Beth show to have a sort of magical soul connection, a sort of destiny who binds their lives.
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Ronnie and Will ~ The Last Song

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There's a soul bond between Ronnie and Will too, and I think Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth felt it when they played in the film as main figures... maybe that's the reason why they are still together now and their realtionship seem to be unbreakable.
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John and Savannah ~ Dear John

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John and Savannah's story shows exactly how a moment can change your entire life forever. In a beautiful or in a bad way, but this is up to us...
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Allie and Noah ~ The Notebook

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Love is also a look which can bind two souls and make them fall in love with each other... Just like the first look Noah gave to Allie, a look that made him immediately see that she was going to be his girlfriend, forever.
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Katie and Alex ~ Safe Haven

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"Loving can heal", sings Ed Sheeran in one of his beautiful songs, and that's exactly Katie and Alex's situation: two broken souls who learn to love again and men each other's wounds...
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Soo gals and guys, that's it for today! Hope you enjoyed my Article, just as much as I enjoyed writing and thinking about these beautiful romantic stories...

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Regardless of whether you're going to date with your crush or your partner, or you're going to stay at home with your friends or alone, I wish you a wonderful Valentine's day!

And if you're in the Valentines mood, well, that's definitely the perfect Collection for you!
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