A- Age:

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B- Best movie I've recently watched:
Roman holiday

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C- Current time:
7:11 p.m.

D- Drink I last had:

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E- Every day I start by/with:

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F- Favourite song:
Yiruma-Kiss the rain

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G- Grossest memory:
Getting food allergy in restaurant few years ago.

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H- Height:

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I- In love with:
Toru Yamashita :3

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J- Jealous of:
Nothing. Although I envy people who travel the world and those who could never get embarrassed doing what they want to do.

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K- Keeping promises:
Nope. I break promises pretty easy.

L- Last time I've cried:
Few weeks ago.

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M- Middle name:
I don't have one.

N- Number of siblings:
Three. One brother from the mother, and also a brother and sister I had growing up (they used to be more than my best friends so I've enlisted them as my brother and sister, because no one will ever be to me what they used to be, even though we're not friends anymore).

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O- One wish:
To move to Japan and have a happy and restful life there.

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P- Person I last texted of called:
Call-guy friend.

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Q- Question I've always been asking myself:
''Where will I end up in few years from now?"

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R- Reasons to smile:
Future, ice cream, beer, football, friends, boyfriend, summer nights, tasty food, learning new languages and spending time with my family and friends.

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S- Song I last sang:
Tom Walker-Fly away with me

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T- Time I woke up today:
10 a.m.

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U- Underwear color:

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V- Vacation place:
Favourite place I've visited so far-Prague, Czech Republic.
Place I plan to visit soon-Florence, Italy.

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W- Worst habit:
To munch while eating.

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X- Xenophobia:
Nope. I like meeting different people and cultures. (:

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Y- Your favourite food:
Pizza ♥

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Z- Zodiac sign:

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I hope you've liked it. Please, write your ABC tag article too. (:

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