Hi guys! For those of you who don't know, I'm a Portuguese girl, born and raised in Coimbra, a small city a bit above Lisbon, where I live today. One thing I've noticed in the past few years is that there aren't many young, foreign people who know about my city and its charm. Because of this, I've decided to gather my top 5 favorite areas in the city you should definitely visit if you ever come here.

1st: the university:

Coimbra is known as an academic city. Everywhere you go, you'll young men and women dressed in the traditional attire that- surprise, surprise - was the inspiration behind the Hogwarts uniform. Also, our university is one of the oldest os Europe and the oldest in the country. You can visit the campus, the library- that was used as the library in the Beauty and the Beast movie - and the tower, all of them different and all of them beautiful in their own way.

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the Joanina library.
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the university itself

2nd: The botanic garden:

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I couldn't find any pics but you can easily search online and see how pretty it is.

3rd: Downtown:

downtown is the most picturesque and the most aesthetic part of the city, in my opinion. There are many cafes you can stop by and eat a nata, as well as old buildings that will most likely give your feed a boost lol.

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4th: the many churches:

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5th: Parque Verde or Green Park translating to English:

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