hi, i've been seeing some this or that lists around whi and decided to make one too 'cause why not, right?

Coffee or tea?

tea, gold, and aesthetic image paris, coffee, and france image

Black & white or colour?

friends, monica, and Matthew Perry image neon, pink, and light image

Drawings or paintings?

art, van gogh, and starry night image art, painting, and drawing image

Dresses or skirts?

ulzzang, asian, and girl image dress, fashion, and pink image

Books or movies?

book, library, and Dream image Image removed

Pepsi or coke?

drink, red, and fruit image aesthetic, home, and art image

Chocolate or vanilla?

cake, vanilla, and foodporn image ice cream, food, and yummy image
forever <3

Introvert or extrovert?

Mature image Inspiring Image on We Heart It

Hugs or kisses?

couple, love, and hug image black and white image

Hunting or fishing?

animals, deer, and cute image dolphins, sea, and beautiful image
animal friendly attitude <3

Winter or summer?

summer image beach, sunset, and summer image

Spring or autumm?

autumn, room, and cozy image autumn, leaves, and fall image

Rural or urban?

horse, stable, and ranch image flowers, rose, and city image

Ice cream or yogurt?

ice cream, food, and chocolate image Image removed

Ketchup or mustard?

Image by شروق بلآونه bacon, dominos, and food image

Comedy or mystery?

red, red riding hood, and snow image funny, movie, and white chicks image

Silver or gold?

Image by Yessnia_hmara Image by Yessnia_hmara

Board games or video games?

board games, cool, and play image board games image

Fruit or vegetables?

blueberry, food, and blue image food, breakfast, and healthy image

Sauge or bacon?

food and lentils image food, winter, and recipe image
lentils hehehe i'm vegetarian

Dark chocolate or white chocolate?

chocolate, pink, and food image food, donuts, and chocolate image

Tattoos or piercings?

tattoo image 90, nails, and fashion image

Antique or brand new?

books image adidas, shoes, and grey image

Cats or dogs?

animal, cat, and cute image cat, bubbles, and animal image

Sci fi or fantasy?

Image by RosBianca art, sea, and artwork image

Numbers or letters?

Image by Gino Pec hopscotch, numbers, and spiral image

Money or fame?

money, grunge, and aesthetic image theme, money, and rp image

Snakes or sharks?

wallpaper, black, and rose image snake, green, and animal image

Sunrise or sunsets?

beach, summer, and sunset image city, wallpaper, and sunset image
for a sunset there must be a sunrise

Detailed or abstract?

aesthetic, chandelier, and girl image tattoo, flowers, and tumblr image

Classic or modern?

Temporarily removed paris, city, and travel image
again, depends

Internet or cellphone?

Image removed anime, internet, and funny image

Sky dive or bungee jump?

friends, ocean, and sea image space, art, and earth image

Bright colours or neutral tones?

fashion, style, and outfit image home decor, neutrals, and neutral tones image

Be older than you are or younger?

girl, tumblr, and grunge image Inspiring Image on We Heart It

Skateboard or Bike?

Temporarily removed neon, aesthetic, and pink image

Black or White?

animal, black, and beautiful image black, jacket, and kfashion image

whew, almost tending to infinite, but it ended hahaha. hope you enjoyed it, thanks for reading!

xo, såøren