hi everybody !
this is my first article, and i´m super excited to write plenty more in the future ! :)

So lets just focus on the topic ... "How to be happier"

In the past few years i realised that happiness is not something that you get immediately. Happiness is something that everyone needs to discover for themselves, especially because we all are different.
But here are some tips to help you through hat journey

1. Self love / Self acceptance

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This is my first point, because true happiness comes from people who love themselves. Do anything that makes you feel comfortable and happy.

2. Take care of your body

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Eat healthy, exercise or just move ! eating healthy will not only bring you in shape, but also improve your skin <3

3. Water

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This may sound a bit ridicilous, but drinking enough water has sooo many benefits. From improving your skin and helping your body to get rid of toxins, it will give you a lot more energy and can even pervent headaches !

4. Me Time

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read, write , draw or listen to some positive music ! do whatever makes you forget the world around you and escape into your own world.

These were my four tips, i hope you liked them and stay tuned for another articles i will hopefully upload in the next time.