Ems's here.
Today is Valentine's day and all of us should love,first, ourselves
So, this is a letter to ourselves.Read it to yourself

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Happy Valentine's day
Happy Valentine's day to me, the only person who supports me in everything I do.
The only person who really believe in me,the person who never brings me down, who never made me cry.
Happy Valentine's day to the most important person to me, that will never, never, never leave me.
I know you are not perfect, I know you're full of flaws, I know you aren't the most beautiful or talented person in the world, but I love you just the way you are.
Sometimes, I can't realize it, i admit it, but you are the most significant person to me. I don't need anyone else to be happy.
I just want to make you happy, to realize all your dreams.
I'm sorry if I don't give to you the right importance, but I promise I will try to. I love you,

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Girls, I did it just to remind you to love yourself first
It's really really important.
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Love you xx