Did you ever wonder how would your vacations look like if you were only surrounded by women? Well, on this amazing SuperShe Island men are not allowed, this island is just for girls. I heard about SuperShe Island while I was listening to the radio, later I decided to do some research on this topic.

This wonderful idea is by an entrepreneur Kristine Roth. After she realized that men only distract and confuse women she decided to invest in a resort on the coast of Finland that accepts only women. While she was on vacations she noticed that women pay too much attention to men and neglect themselves. It was then when she started to think about a resort only for women.

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Kristine said that as soon as a cute guy appears girls use more make-up. She added that the purpose of the island is focus on oneself. Kristine doesn't have anything against men, but she felt like she has to create a place where women can completely relax and recharge.

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SuperShe Island will have ten cottages, spa, wellness and many other adventuress activities. Women will be able to chose between several classes such as cooking, fitness, yoga or mediation. New activities will be added according to women's desires.

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This is definitely an utopian island where women can find true self, where we can take care of our health; mental and physical. This is truly an fabulous idea and one day I would like to visit this island with my friends. 😄

P.S. Here is the link to SuperShe Island if you want to check it out: https://supersheisland.com/
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XOXO, Milena