Hey! Thanks for checking out my article ☺️.
Sometimes I´m just not motivated at all and then I´m not even able to get out of bed. Maybe someone out there feels the same so I listed some of my favorite songs to get sh*t done.
In my view these songs also help to get some confidence if you are feeling a bit insecure or you are afraid of something.

clouds, aesthetic, and art image aesthetic, fashion, and gold image makeup, gold, and beauty image balloons, gold, and party image
  • the best day - atmosphere
  • centuries - fall out boy
  • fight song - rachel platten
  • history maker - dean fujioka
  • thunder -imagine dragons
  • towards the sun - rihanna
red, aesthetic, and satin image Temporarily removed neon, red, and sleep image aesthetic, dark, and gryffindor image
  • dead! - my chemical romance
  • bad man - esterly, austin jenckes
  • lost! - coldplay
  • whatever it takes - imagine dragons
  • never give up - sia
  • kids in the dark - all time low
green, city, and aesthetic image blue, neon, and light image lips, lollipop, and pale image quotes, grunge, and tumblr image
  • don´t put dirt on my grave just yet - hayden panettiere
  • warriors - imagine dragons
  • pumped up kicks - foster the people
  • legendary - welshly adams
  • glorious - macklemore, skylar grey
  • hard times - paramore

That´s all. I hope you liked it.