Hey guys! Today's I'm going to be talking about London. The girl who has been insulting London for the past 12 years I've lived here, I've decided to tell you guys about London. I know the Sun just exploded right now, joking. In all honesty, I've decided to tell you guys about London even though you guys probably know about it. For the 12 years I've lived in London I've explored quite a lot as it's a place you can explore forever.

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London is the capital city of England and the United Kingdom

Has a population of 8.788 million

England is a multicultural country, therefore many languages are spoken in London as I myself speak German and Tamil. However, the official language is English which is taught in schools and spoken in every job in London.

Most people moving to England od prefer to move to London as it is a well-known place and had many job opportunities.

It is a very famous tourist attraction

The Queen lives in London


- Big Ben

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Did you know that the bell is called Big Ben, not the actual tower, it blew most of the peoples' mind when they found out.

- House of Parliaments

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- The London Eye

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It's called The London Eye as you can see the whole of London when you are on it, quick info its really slow so you'll literally be on it for more than an hour.

- Buckingham Palace

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Sometimes the Queen lives here but the rest of the times she lives in Windsor Castle.

- Tower of London

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This place contains a lot of the artefacts and historical remembrance and it also contains the Crown Jewels

- Tower Bridge

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At night it's the best to look at it and drive on the bridge.

- Madame Tussauds

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This place contains wax replicas of famous peoples like celebrities and historical icons.

- London Dungeons

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This place recreates historical events and has cool rides there too.

These are the places many tourists visit and I'm sure if you've been London you've seen at least two of these. I've been to all of them as I've lived in London for the past 12 years and I never appreciated it as I'm so used to it. But when I see shocked tourists faces and my cousins from Switzerland and Germany visit they are so shocked too, which made me realise that the only reason I've had a strong dislike for London and, in general, was because I'm so used to it and because we had to move from Germany. This made me more mindful of how I'm lucky to live in London and have things that unfortunately other people do not have.


- Oxford Street

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It looks dodgy but there are over 300 shops there and it mostly contains high-end shops but awesome restaurants.

- Westfield Shopping Centre

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- Cineworld

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Love the popcorn but it's expensive

- Nandos, Vapianos, Chimichanga and Wafflemeister

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These places are more fun to enjoy and arent very historical and you can enjoy London better with these places.


- Fish and Chips

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- Pork Pie

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Not a big fan at all, but British people love it

No joke, I'm sorry if you're British but my friends and I had always believed that England has no culture. but I mean you can spot some cultural references, again don't attack me if you're British but this is what I have always believed due to the fact that I've experienced other cultures which is more prominent in comparison to England. Another reason why England is believed to have no culture is that it's a multicultural country we have more international foods that have overclouded the British foods.

That's it for my article, I hope you enjoyed and this helped you learn more about London and maybe make you want to visit. Feel free to message me with any requests, questions or just feel like you want to talk.

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