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Let's fall in love with these great love stories of universal literature.

Anna Karenina / León Tolstói

anna karenina, brunette, and classy image anna karenina, brunette, and classy image anna karenina, keira knightley, and movie image anna karenina, beautiful, and Best image
Anna Karenina and Vronsky

War and Peace / León Tolstói

bbc, clemence poesy, and france image 2016, beautiful, and series image book, books, and coffee image best friends, book, and couple image
Andrei Bolkonski, Pierre Bezújov, Natasha Rostova

Wuthering Heights / Emily Brontë

Image removed beautiful, couple, and gif image Copyrighted image quote, love, and wuthering heights image
Heathcliff and Catherine

Pride and Prejudice / Jane Austen

book and pride and prejudice image pride and prejudice, mr darcy, and movie image pride and prejudice image pride and prejudice, love, and mr darcy image
Elizabeth Bennet and Darcy

Romeo and Juliet / William Shakespeare

romeo and juliet, love, and leonardo dicaprio image quotes, romeo and juliet, and shakespeare image romeo and juliet, kiss, and shakespeare image book, romeo and juliet, and aesthetic image
Romeo and Juliet

The Notebook / Nicholas Sparks

quotes, love, and distance image love, quotes, and movie image rachel mcadams, the notebook, and ring image couple, gif, and rachel mcadams image
Noah Jr. and Allie Hamilton

Great Expectations / Charles Dickens

Image removed charles dickens, classic, and great expectations image couple, gif, and great expectations image march, quote, and summer image
Philip Pirrip and Estella

Persuasion / Jane Austen

bbc, british, and jane austen image jane austen, period drama, and Persuasion image anne, beautiful, and books image black & white, book, and Persuasion image
Captain Frederick Wentworth and Anne Elliot

Love in the Time of Cholera / Gabriel García Márquez

gabriel garcia marquez image romance, love, and حُبْ image love, el, and Ella image amor, de, and frase image
Florentino Ariza and Fermina Daza

Tokyo Blues (Norwegian wood) / Haruki Murakami

book, haruki murakami, and japanese image tokyo blues image norwegian wood and snow image snow, couple, and winter image
Watanabe and Naoko

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