With an instance I knew

and I thought that this only happened in the movies.. but apparently- it can be a moment happening in our true reality, which really put me off with warmth and ease.

Last summer (2017), I had a summer fling. Something I never even had experienced before in my life. I´m an 18 year old girl who never have been in love before. I´ve had crushes and such but nothing has been like this. It was almost like I had given up on looking for love, like I felt like I had tried so many times before to follow my feelings and see if they evolved into a relation, but that just was´t the case, and I had started to let the destiny take a part in my love life in stead of me trying anymore.

But then I met him and it all took another turn.

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After a few weeks, my brain started thinking of him as a person close to me and his personality- how it got to me; twisted my head around things and petted my heart with emotions. He was a bit odd, but in a funny-cute-loving way which i love so much the day today, its a different feeling- to be in love with someone.

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To be in love

it´s a new undiscovered feeling.
thats the short sentence i can explain it with.
I feel loved, not liked. "Liked" is different, and I´m happy i experience "love" as a first, not "like".
Not everyone will understand the difference of these, but someday hopefully you will all find your one true love of your life and be in this delicious moment me and my future husband share.

Embrace and fulfil your own destiny, darlings.
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