Morning everyone:

Today it's Valentine´s Day, that day when all couples share their pictures kissing or with flowers and stuff.

But what Valentine's Day really mean?

Love is not a thing, it's a feeling, but love it's not a feeling that you can or should have to show only one day a year.

Love is about two person which get involved in a relationship. You have to love your boyfriend/girlfriend, you have to make him/her laugh everyday, you have stay with him/her all your life, take care of and support her/him.

Valentine´s Day it's a bussiness now a days, a bussiness when people get crazy, when people show the love to the world on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, when all the people buy flowers and roses, even chocolat.

But, why you do that? Why you have to share all those things with the world when you can go with your girlfriend/boyfriend to a Hotel, Spa or maybe go to camping all the night and share moments together without share those moments with the whole world only for getting likes, comments of the people saying: Couple Goals, OMG, I love it etc.

This for me the real meaning of love.

Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth: for thy love is better than wine

The Song of Solomon, Chapter 1; Verse 2.