Many little girls grow up dreaming about becoming a Disney princess. Every year hundreds of young women audition for a role as princess in a Disney themepark. These are ten things you may not have realised about working as a Disney princess.


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Sometimes Disney princesses get pretty strange questions while working at the park. And cast members are not allowed to say 'I don't know' to any guests. Which means the princesses have to be pretty innovative. One ex-Mulan told about the time she got asked if she spoke Chinese. She told the guests that she had a bet with Mushu to not speak Chinese for a day.

Physical requirements

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Good looks do not guarantee that you have a chance of becoming a Disney princess. There are requirements for dress sizes and height, as you have to fit in various costumes. You have to be between 1.60 m and 1.70 m tall. Also, the largest dress size Disney allows is a size 10.

Dealing with the weather

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The weather at Disney parks can be intense. Most of the time the princesses work in 45 minute shifts with 15 minute breaks. They have to handle both warm and cold weather. Which is not fun when you are Pocahontas or Jasmine and it is freezing outside.


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The auditioning process for becoming an actress in the Disney parks is though. There are four rounds. First, you are judged on your looks. Surprisingly enough, it is better if you look like your competition, as there are multiple girls playing the same princess. If you look too unique, you will probably not get hired. There is a chance that you get sent away without even having showing your acting skills. Then you must learn a simple dance. The third round is when you get to show of you acting skills. You perform a script and do some improvisation. The last round are the personal interviews.

Age limit

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If you want to be a Disney princess you need to be at least 18 and you can not be older than 27. Most of the actresses are between 18 and 23 years old. Which is pretty logical, as the Disney princesses are all teenagers. The youngest princess is Snow White (14 years old) and the oldest is Elsa (21 years old).

You have to have a clean record

Disney always does a background check, so you better have a clean record. This is not strange, as cast members have to work with children all day.

Intense training

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The training for becoming a Disney princess is tough. First you become a fur character, like Minnie Mouse. The future princesses get three days to learn their characters movie, signature and voice. They must study the movie so thoroughly that they can recite every word. They also have to learn how to do their make-up themselves.

You never talk about your work

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The number one rule when you are hired, is that you do not talk about your job. You are not allowed to share yourself in costume on social media or tell your family which princess you play and it is especially forbidden to talk about the parks guests. Also, when you are in costume, you are not allowed to hint at a world outside of Disney.

Always keep a smile on your face

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As there are so many guests taking photo's at Disney theme parks, the princesses always have to keep smiling. Can you imagine how much that hurts after a day of work?

Creepy guests

The cast sometimes has to encounter some pretty creepy guests. An ex-Snow White recalled that there was one man that would visit her every Saturday. He would bring her presents and even try to kiss her. The reason he did this, was that he believed that she was 'the only real Snow White', as she was the only actress with brown eyes. However, no Disney princess was ever harmed.

Now I know this, I respect the young women that play the Disney princesses even more. What about you?

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