Hello Hearters,
This this my very first article on We Heart It and I just wanna spend two words for thanking this social for making me (and others aspirant writers) able to express our talent.

Let's start to reply to these questions I found for knowing each other. If you want to use them would be nice to mention this article.

Feel you free to add images. Let's be creative:

1) Do you prefer writing with black or blue pen?

blue, ravenclaw, and ink image art, beauty, and cat image
I always use Blue pen, not a fan of black pens since I was a kid

2) Would you prefer to live in the country or in the city?

autumn, fall, and nature image flowers, home, and garden image cottage, world travel, and landscape photography image
Countryside is a place where I feel so relaxed. I love the fresh air, the smell of green fields and the sounds of all the animals. In a near future I plan on buying a house in a village and have my own little farm, a dog and a horse would be my best friends and I would spend my time taking care of flowers in the spring or have a nice cup of coffee near the fireplace with a good book in my hands when in winter, and just live the inspiration that the amazing panoramic view sends.

3) If you could learn a new skill, what would it be?

candle, decoration, and flower image piano, gold, and royal image
I love people that have talent in music, or just know how to play an instrument. These are my 2 favorites

4) Do you drink your tea or coffee with sugar?

food, chocolate, and drink image Image by _ Fell _
SUGAR! I can't do without sugar. I use it a lot. And I do not drink coffee tho.

5) What was your favourite book as a child?

books, cultura, and libros image adventures, book, and illustration image book, green, and mark twain image
Tom was my first read and my favourite. It also happens I crush a lot on boys named TOM.

6) Do you prefer baths or showers?

Image by 𝑎𝑑𝑣𝑒𝑛𝑡𝑢𝑟𝑒 💫
I think I'm more of a shower person, I never use the bathtube. like NEVER

7) If you could be a mythical creature, which would you choose?

unicorn, black, and horse image
No words needed

8) Do you prefer reading paper or electronic books?

books image summer image book and blue image Image removed
Paper all the way up

9) What is your favourite item of clothing?

beauty, candid, and close up image fashion, outfit, and style image fashion, bra, and style image lingerie, style, and book image
As a small boob girl, You get the idea

10) Do you consider yourself a romantic?

I think I'm not romantic. I don't know actually

11) Have you ever met someone famous?

Hmmm In my dreams? Yeah a lot ;)

12) How do you relax when you’re stressed? ' I probably nap.

13) If you could travel back to any era, which would you choose?

nirvana, kurt cobain, and dave grohl image

14) What is your favourite season?

fruit, food, and healthy image
I'm a sunlover

#15) What’s your favorite breakfast food?

Image removed
Cookies, milk, jam, sweet things for me

16) What's your hair color?

hair, freckles, and eyes image riverdale, madelaine petsch, and ginger image

17) Have you ever been to Paris?

paris, city, and travel image flowers, city, and tulips image stockholm, travel, and sweden image
No, but I'd rather visit Amsterdam and Stockholm

18) What's your favourite movie saga?

I don't have any

19) If you had to work on only one project for the next year, what would it be?

book, coffee, and autumn image planner image map and travel image harry potter, map, and marauders map image
Finish writting my book, or explore the world THE END! I hope you like the questions and my answer. Don't forget to heart it If you enjoyed and to reply with yours.