hey loveliesssss,

since its Valentines Day i thought i would put together a playlist of some cheesy love songs to make you feel even more alone yay

  • him and i // halsey & g-eazy
Mature image couples, cure, and forever image love, quotes, and aesthetic image love, couple, and kiss image
he's out his head, I'm out my mind
  • mine // bazzi
love, couple, and black and white image dead, falling, and life image art, flowers, and pink image Image removed
hands on your body, i dont wanna waste no time
  • this love // taylor swift
Swift and taylor image delicate and Lyrics image Image removed photo, photography, and memories image
this love is good, this love is bad
  • perfect duet // ed sheeran & beyonce
1950, 1950s, and beach image pale, quotes, and retro image paris image ed sheeran image
well i found a woman, stronger than anyone i know
  • sweet creature // harry styles
Harry Styles and one direction image red, heart, and pink image quotes, red, and love image Image by Private User
i always think about you and how we dont speak enough

hope you enjoyed, gonna go wallow in self pity because i am fOreVeR AloNE

Nadia x