Well first I want to say that yes I am 16 and yes I know high school relationships don't last but this guy, this guy was special to me. Se we grew up together like I've know this guy since him and I were six years old. One night after breaking down to him about how my ex was treating me and I noticed something different about him. He wasn't protecting me like a brother, he was protecting me like a boyfriend. That night I knew that maybe I could start liking this guy. So on 9/11/17, after 2 years I decided to tell him that I liked him and to my shock he liked me back. I was so hyped because I knew I was going to get a guy that I just knew was going to treat me right or so I thought. Now flash forward to December before winter break we get into this argument. Now again Im 16 going to be 17 this year(2018) and he is 17 going to be 18 this year(2018). I jokely say that I know that I am not going to marry him and so on and then he goes off and we start to argue and yes some words shouldn't have been said. A few days go by and he still isn't telling me his feelings about the situation. So then we don't go winter break and January talking until one day after school. That day after school I felt like my world came down on me. The guy that I thought was my best friend backstabbed me and found a new girl. Apparently it is serious because they both have the blue heart emoji and their names in each others bios. If you want to give me advice you can message me, I am open to hear peoples opinions.