I know girl, who always asks me 'What do you live for?'
I`m sure, she will never read my article, but you will read it...
So, what do I live for?
1.I live for myself, for other people and my family.
2.I live to see rain and snow, rainbow and mist.
3.I live to sing songs and listen to music.
4.I live to look at other people and think about them before going to bed.
5.I live to read interesting books and write my own lyrics and stories.
6.I live to feel pain, love, rage and happiness.
7.I live to grow.
8.I live to improve my talents and possibilities.
9.I live to know more interesting, misterious and beautiful things.
10.I live to stay in someone`s memory when I`ll die.
11.Hey, guys, I think, we have to live to watch 'Stranger things - 3'

I hope, you enjoyed it...