With the use of beauty products like eyelash curlers, fake eyelashes, and mascara, you might notice that it's common for you to lose lashes easier when you rub your eyes. It might freak you out even more when your lashes start falling out on there own. This happens because you lashes also need to "breathe."

Let's take mascara for an example. Yes, we all agree that mascara can do wonders, but it's probably the most harmful thing to your eyelashes, ever. When you apply mascara, it coats your lashes, which means two things- your lashes can't "breathe" and are covered with chemicals. This can cause severe damage to your lashes over time, so I highly suggest that you don't use mascara everyday.


The Aloe Vera Remedy

There is a reason why aloe vera is extensively used when it comes to beauty products. Aloe vera is antibacterial, contains a bunch of different vitamins (like A, C, E, etc.), soothes sunburns, replenishes the moisture in our skin, has anti-aging affects, and much more.

Since mascara drains the moisture from your lashes, it causes them to become weaker and easier to break off, resulting in fewer eyelashes, with aloe vera, the moisture is replenished and hair growth boosting vitamins help strengthen your eyelashes.



1. Prepare a cotton bud and 100% natural aloe vera gel.

2. Apply a small amount of aloe vera to the tip of your cotton bud.

3. Use your cotton bud to apply the gel to your lashes. Remember to gently brush your lashes to prevent them from falling out and to brush in the right direction for better growth-boosting effects.

4. Repeat in the other eye.

5. Let it stay on overnight and rinse it off the next morning.


So that's it for today~ Hope this helps~ ❤