Dearest Viola,

Hey Viola, I know that it's been awhile since I made any kind of post about you, but I know what day it is tomorrow and decided to make you something for this very special event. No I'm not talking about Valentines Day, that's gonna be in my later post, anyways I am posting now because I know that tomorrow is your birthday, or maybe your not gonna read this tonight but if you are than Happy Early Birthday, if your reading this and it's already tomorrow than I wish you a very special Happy Birthday from me and my heart.
Viola, I have known you for a year (since my 9th grade year to be exact ;) ), anyways through this time that you and I have spent together, all the times that you and I talked and hung out, all those times that we where there together, I found myself drawn very close to you, I didn't know why, I wondered so much about why I cared about you, why I hung out with you, why I felt so happy and safe near you, I hadn't known why I felt so happy and welcomed by you, I had never felt that before with anybody, but you have always made me feel welcome and have always been here for me, I decided to investigate why I felt the way I did.

I hung around you a lot, than I hung around others, but I always found myself going back to you, I continued to wonder why, until I realized why, I found out that it wasn't just anything, it was because of the first week of school, that first ever week of school and you where my first friend, through that week I hung out with you mostly because I was socially awkward, I didn't know how to talk to others but I was able to talk to you, and it was special to me because you showed me that it's ok to be myself, that I was free to show what kind of person I was, so I took the inspiration that I got from you and made more friends, but even as I made more friends I still keep you in mind as a reminder of how it was even possible.
Without you I don't even know if I would have half the friends that I have today, all I know is that you where my first friend, my longest friendship, and my motivator, you motivated me to do a lot of things that without your help I don't think I would've ever done them, you have helped me gain a better connection with people because of the way you are, it's amazing!.
I have never met a person so honest, so brave, so noble and caring, so beautiful, and so determined as you, I have met many people but nobody is like you, you are your own unique person and there's nobody else that's like you, this is why I really like you, your not a follower like everyone else at the school, your a leader, a believer, a dreamer, and I just know that you will always have a good future.
Your eye's are full of kindness and harmony, they shine like diamonds in the sky, your hair is long, soft, and flows in the wind as if it where something you'd see from an anime, your smile is passionate, lovely, and very bright, you have an amazing personality, it's unique from everyone else, anybody can try to be like you but they just can't because of how unique you are, your a very special person and I love you.
To me your like the sister that I never had, the sister who was supposed to protect me, the sister who cares about me and will always be there for me, the sister whom I look up too for motivation and advise, I see you as this and more.
I never told you this, because I though it you would judge me or something, but there is another reason about why I like you and what I see you as.... I see you as my guardian angel, I know it sounds odd but I feel that you where an angel that was sent to look over me, I see you as a figure that I can look up to, someone that I can tell everything too and not feel judged, I feel like I can be myself around you, you make me feel so happy and comfortable when I am around you, and for that I will do the same to you.
I know that I don't have much to say, I know that I don't have a lot to offer you, but I can offer you my friendship, trust, support, and my faith, I have faith in you and I hope that you can understand that I really love you and everything that you do for me, I hope that you have an "Amaze-Balls" (Your quote not mine, sorry it's too funny XD) Birthday, I hope that your day is filled with fun, joy, and lots of cake XD, I just want you to know from the bottom of my heart that I didn't forget your birthday, I want you to remember that I will never forget it, I wish you a very Sweet 16th Birthday, It has been a pleasure being your friend and I wouldn't trade our friendship for anything.

Love, Celeste